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We are TrueLime

IBL-Software, Canvastix, Iv-software and CRMotion have a new name: TrueLime

IBL-Software, Iv-software, Canvastix and Crmotion are names we have proudly used for many years. During these years a lot of things have happened and changed. We have created our own products, we merged with Iv-Software, we have welcomed lots of new employees and customers, and we have expanded our office space by renting a second tower in Breda.
In the midst of all these changes and events we want to keep our feet on the ground and want to keep our focus on the work for our customers and with our partners. We want to do this with a new company name that reflects our identity in a powerful way.
That is the reason we have decided to say goodbye to our old, familiar names and with proud and joy hereby present to you the result of our rebranding. 

To us it is True to deliver software solutions that make customers and partners happy and to act in an open, fair and loyal way to each other, customers, and partners.
Lime refers to the lime tree that has been the centre of a colony since ancient times where people came together to come to solutions and take important decisions.